Driver Ed & Training

Institute of Advanced Drivers.

IAD offer driver education for anyone at any stage and any age, post driving test, as a p plate holder on a Provisional and anyone on a full driving licence.

driver training perthYou will learn to practice in your own car and online course work. IAD will ensure you focus on safety, anticipation, smoothness, balance, car control, observations, planning, tricks of the trade and advanced road skills in a common-sense approach that gives you a high-performance edge while you gain your skills to sit the Gold Standard Award Test.

There will be classroom based learning but only in Perth Western Australia at the current time. Class sessions are open for all Associate members.

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Learning to be an Advanced DriverSome drivers spend thousands of dollars and hours modifying a car. But true performance can often come from a few hours of quality driver education in the form of Advanced and precision driving which can be more effective in getting the most out of your car.

It demonstrates your skill level and ability in car control which, often ends up in better performance of your vehicle than you ever thought possible.

IAD gold standard is designed to overcome road blindness caused by ‘Autopilot Syndrome’ it has been designed to train your brain to develop a manual on/off switch which you learn to control on a conscious level. Training is based on paid course work and a 90 minute driving test.

Gold Award entitles many benefits including full membership and discounts on services.

The test is set at the highest level of driving standards in Australia.


When you sign up, you will become an Associate Member. With access to free training and website articles and information. You will also gain access to a local IAD group.

how to pass your test first time

You will be guided towards taking the gold standard award.

Preparing for the advanced Gold standard test is provided by webinars and online/classroom course work.

Once you have Passed the Gold standard you will become a full member of IAD and can apply to form your own local support group if there is not one in your area, to help others in your local area to improve their driving skills to the Gold Standard.

I am going to over the next few years, set up a National network of local IAD groups.

These groups, will all be run by only Gold Standard Volunteers but all associated members will  be encouraged to get involved.

They will represent a unique resource with unparalleled experience and expertise at the Gold Standard Award.

A Gold Award will have benefits added in form of discounts which will be negotiated with insurance companies, private health cover and driving related stores, shows, meetings and services.

In addition, they will provide a forum where members can share ideas and contribute to IAD in developing and promoting innovative road safety strategies and presenting it to local and federal government.

IAD will encourage Local groups to embrace and provide a social focus, with meetings and events where members can come together and enjoy the company of fellow driving and motorcycling enthusiasts.

Anyone wishing to lead a group and who has obtained the gold standard of Advanced driving in cars or motorcycles can find more information HERE to form a local group.

IAD would like to eventually cater for LGVs, PCVs, minibuses, and of course a Precision driving test and a towing test.